Teachers's Feedback

Dear Students,

You are requested to give your frank and objective opinion about the teaching of faculty on under mentioned points.

It will help us to improve and maintain the quality of teaching, your response will be kept confidential.



Response (1 is Excellent, 2 is Good, 3 is Average, 4 is Poor & 5 is Very Poor  )

        For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statement by choosing [ Ꙩ ] a score between 1 and 4. A higher score indicates a stronger agreement with the statement.


  1.  Ability to bring conceptual clarity and promotion of thinking

       ability be teacher.

  2.  Motivation provided.

  3.  Teacher's Communication skill.

  4.  Teacher's Regularity and punctuality.

  5.  Teacher's Subject Knowledge.

  6.  Completion and Coverage of course.

  7.  Complements theory with practical example.

  8.  Teacher interaction and guidance outside of the class.

  9.  Teacher's computer/ IT skills, if applicable.

10.  Teacher's overall performance.


  1.  What are the strengths of the teachers?

  2.  What are the areas of weaknesses in teachers?

  3.  Any other suggestion (regarding curriculum, subject/(s), faculty)




I, hereby declare that all the above information submitted by me in the feedback form is correct, true and valid, I will present the supporting documents as and when required.

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