Student's Feedback


Student Information

Dear Students,

This form has been designed to seek feedback from you to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning environment, to provide best possible facilities and modern infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.


       Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statement by choosing [ Ꙩ ] a score between 1 and 4. A higher score indicates a stronger agreement with the statement.

Response (1 is Strongly Agree, 2 is Agree, 3 is Disagree & 4 is Strongly Disagree  )


1.   The teacher covers the entire syllabus

2.   The teacher discuses topics in detail

3.   The teacher possesses deep knowledge of the subject taught

4.   The teacher communicates clearly

5.   The teacher inspires me by his/her knowledge in the subject


1.   The teacher is punctual to the class

2.   The teacher engages the class for the full duration and completes the course in time

3.   The teacher comes fully prepared for the class

4.   The teacher provides guidance counselling in academic & non-academic matters in/out          side the class

5.   The teacher encourages participation & discussion in class (Teacher-Student, Student-         Student)

6.   The teacher encourages & values disagreement

7.   The teacher uses modern teaching aids/gadgets, handouts, suggestion of references, PPT,        web-resources (Any other)

8.   The teacher pays attention to academically weaker students as well

9.   The teacher relates the course material with real world situations

10.  The teacher's attitude toward the students was friendly and helpful


1.   Periodical assessments were conducted as per schedule

2.   The teacher uses non-traditional methods of evaluation like Quiz, Seminars,                            Assignments, Class room presentation/participation (Any other)

3.   Question paper covers all the topics in the Curriculum

4.   The teacher was fair & unbiased in the evaluation Process

5.   Overall Rating of the Teacher (In my view the teacher has professional competence and        is a role model)


1.   How often do you visit the Library

2.   Are the required number of titles in your Subject available in the Library

3.   Are you satisfied with the cataloging and arrangement of books in the Library

4.   Are you satisfied with the available Reading space in the Library

5.   Are the Library Staff co-operative and helpful

6.   Are you able make use of Xerox facility in the Library


1.   Are you able to access Internet Centre as and when you require

2.   Are you making use of educational online resources

3.   Are there enough number of nodes Available in the Internet Centre

4.   Are the Net centre staff co-operative and helpful


1.   Is the Departmental office helpful in administrative matters

2.   Do you receive the Mark statements in time

3.   Are there enough clean class rooms available in the Department

4.   Are the toilets cleaned properly

5.   Are you provided with enough drinking water

6.   Are you happy with the food served in the present canteen

7.   As there a Student Amenity Centre in your Campus

8.   How far is the USAB helpful to you

9.   Are you making use of Green Box Services in our University

10.  Do you think that your grievances are Redressed when Green box is used

11.   Are you aware of the functioning of a placement cell in our University

12.   Are the Lab. Equipments is proper working conditions

13.   Are you provided with adequate quantity of chemicals and specimen for carrying out              Lab. activities.

14.   Are you aware of the "Earn While you Learn" Scheme in our University

15.   Do you avail any Scholarship from the University

16.   Are you a beneficiary of Free Education Scheme of our University


I, hereby declare that all the above information submitted by me in the feedback form is correct, true and valid, I will present the supporting documents as and when required.


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